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Sandy Harrington
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                                                                            A Love of Color

I guess you can tell that I love color.  Color is happy and vibrant and makes me feel that way too. I am interested 
         in unique effects, colors that jump off the page and vivid washy patterns.

I am primarily a water based artist but I am exploring collage and resins. I prefer Dr.Martins radiant dyes 
         and inks for their vivid color.

My canvas collage work is altered papers using foils, gels and resins.

"Her strikingly beautiful work shows how something that's a totally abstract combination of colors can hold a person's attention.
The colors drew me in from the moment I entered the room."   Rob Middleton 2017    
 "First Place" Jacksonville Art Cooperative  "Abstraction at its Best"

"View kaleidescopic watercolor works by Sandy Harrington"    the Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra 
  " Fiber and Fire"  show runs from Jan 12-Feb 18 2017

"This painting drew me in instantly with it's vibrant colors, serendipitous moments in paint and the deliberate marks made by the artists hand. It is fun like a carnival."   Tony Wood   2015    "First Place of Show" Flagler County Art League